Assisted Sale Product

Our assisted sale product is very popular with sellers who want to maximise the price they can achieve from the sale of their property. PPG offer a guaranteed price to you. We then pay to refurbish your property so that it can achieve the highest sale price possible as quickly as possible.


We are so committed to this approach that we will offer you an upfront cash advance and pay for the refurbishment project. Our carefully selected builders from our building teams ensure the work is to the highest standard. If you need us to, we can also make mortgage payments on your behalf and cover any other property related costs until your property is sold. We are happy to do this because we know it won’t take long. At the right price in the right condition with the right agent and marketing we are confident we can find a buyer.

  1. Fill in your details online today click here for an offer
  2. You will receive a quick cash offer immediately.
  3. We will call you back to make you an assisted sale offer.
  4. PPG will instruct, at no cost to you, a RICs survey and a local estate agent valuation.
  5. Guaranteed price agreed at up to 95% of the current value of the property.
  6. Prescribed advanced payment to you for up to 15% of the agreed price.
  7. The House Doctor will pay your mortgage payments or any arrears on your property.
  8. PPG carry out a refurbishment on the property at no cost to you.
  9. Prescription Property mange a stress free sale and find a buyer quickly.
  10. On completion you receive the remaining balance as agreed.

Fast House Sale Banff, Aberdeenshire
What happens in Week 1:

Seller approached PPG for a Fast Sale, A Fast Sale offer is made by PPG, Seller may reject PPG offer, We Negotiate purchase price until both parties are happy, PPG offer Assisted Sale up to 100% of value in current condition.


What happens in Week 2:

We agree price with seller, Valuations & Inspections carried out, PPG pay 10% cash advance.


What happens in Week 3:

PPG pay all property expenses until completion, PPG complete the refurbishment depending on scale of works.


What happens in Week 4-8:

PPG manage sale & find buyer quickly


What happens in Week 8-16:

The sale completes and cash in your bank, Simple!

Fast House Sale Banff, Aberdeenshire
Why give away 25 – 40% of your house value by selling for cash? With a PPG assisted house sale you can sell for up to 95% of your property value.


To sum up our Assisted sale Process :

  • A fixed guaranteed price for the sale of your property up to 95% of the value of your property in current condition.
  • PPG can offer an upfront cash advance of up to 10% of the guaranteed price, so you can move on straight away.
  • PPG can pay loan and mortgage payments on your behalf until the final sale.
  • PPG can pay any arrears and if necessary stop repossession. We work with lenders every day on behalf of assisted sale clients.
  • PPG pay all property expenses until completion.
  • PPG manage the refurbish at our cost and then find a buyer quickly at the best price possible thought a traditional estate agent route.
  • Typically completes within 3 -4 months from initial cash advance.